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Why is Benzgem the Best Imitation alternative Diamond?



If you Love Big Diamonds but not Big Diamond Prices, Your search for the Best Quality Diamond alternative has led you Here.

...To the Finest, most Believable and Realistic imitation Diamond ever Created...

Hand-Cut to Real Diamond specifications, Set with a Real Diamond semi-mount, Bespoke in 14, 18 Karat White, Yellow, Rose Gold, Platinum and We know that we have the Best as we are offering the Best 60 Day Money Back Guarantee and a Lifetime Limited Warranty on the Benzgem Stone.

Benzgem Brand Alternative Diamond:

Just as in 1885, Karl Friedrich Benz* Invented the first true Automobile, I have created the first true Diamond Alternative. Second, only to Diamond, Benzgem is the Epitome of a World Class Diamond; Benzgem is physically Believable and Realistic as a Diamond.

Benzgem's color is that of a Real Diamond: G-H-I-J Near Colorless White Color. Benzgem is Exclusively Set in Jewellery settings made for genuine Diamonds, furthermore, Benzgem will match and coordinate with the Genuine Diamonds you already own. With Benzgem, You will Feel and Experience the Opulence of wearing a Genuine, mined "Rock."

*Mercedes Benz is a registered Trademark of Daimler AG

Most important to know, Benzgem is the certified Best Imitation Diamond ever created and is the CLOSEST to any Natural Mined Diamond available on the Market. The combination of 1. Rough Body-Color, 2. Its Diamond Quality Cut and, 3. Clarity makes it compatible with the natural mined diamond jewelry you already own. As of August 2018, FTC Ruling, we have Offered, and the jewelry market is Moving toward 100% Carbon, more environmentally, eco-friendly Lab-Grown Lab-Created Diamonds with the almighty Debeers joining in on the act. However, the jury is still out as to whether the retail prices for Lab Grown diamonds will fall or remain at their current levels with increasing production from Indian and Chinese manufacturers. For these reasons, we recommend the Benzgem Diamond Quality Imitation Solitaire Stone as the best overall value.

Below, the Center Rough is the #1 Believable and Convincing signature of the Benzgem Imitation Diamond. The three uncut rough samples are displayed on a white plain piece of copy paper. It is very easy to see the body color difference. When a Jewel is cut the body color is somewhat masked by the Brilliance of the cut Jewel as seen on the GIA color Scale.


  • Left Rough - Equal to Type IIa Mined Diamond, Colorless, Purest – Completely Clear like a pool of cool water.
  • Center Rough, Benzgem, is the most Believable and Realistic - Near Colorless, White – Equal to GIA G-H-I-J Mined Diamond Color Range.
  • Right Rough - Faint Yellow – Equal to GIA K-L-M Mined Diamond Color Range.