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⯌ Practical Benefits of Benzgem Ownership

Unlike other Jewelry sites, We cut our stones to Finest Diamond Specifications; after all, the Best Imitation Diamond will Look like a Real Diamond. We make no misrepresentations; our Benzgem truthfully looks real. No poor Commercial Quality inexpensive cutting Here. Our Stones are Designed, Hand-Cut, and Polished as Real Diamonds are. With Benzgem, you will Feel and Experience the Opulence of wearing a Genuine, Natural Mined Diamond.


The Practical Benefits of owning a Benzgem.

      • You will Feel and Experience the Opulence of owning your own, as large as you like "Dream Diamond".
      • Benzgem Jewels are... Much less expensive than a Mined Diamond Solitaire.
      • Benzgem has at 8.5 Hardness rating... the Same Hardness as an Alexandrite, Harder than an Emerald, Harder than Steel and Harder than the entire list of Semi-Precious natural Gems.
      • Each Jewel is handled in the same fashion as its Genuine Counterpart resulting in an eminently credible Benzgem; Designed, Hand Cut, and Polished as Real Diamonds are.
      • Because of it's Diamond Qualities, Color, and lack of Fluorescence [the artificial looking blue glow that is the ultimate revelation that Someone's "Diamond" is a zirconia / cz], Benzgem will coordinate and match with GIA graded, G-H color, I color and J color Diamonds you already own.
      • Benzgem's color is that of a Real Diamond, rated in the range of G-H-I-J, near colorless.
      • Benzgem's color runs through the stone, it is not a surface Treatment, it is true color.
      • Benzgem... Handles light, most like Diamond, better than All other imitations on the market.
      • Benzgem sparkles like a Diamond, Benzgem's Luster is Adamantine like a Diamond, Benzgem's structure is Cubic like a Diamond, and Benzgem is Singly Refractive like a Diamond. Moissanite, silicon carbide, on the other hand, has a Blurred, extremely colorful brilliance due to its Double Refraction. This double refraction along with the moissanite's cut pattern, makes Moissanite look more like a colorful crystal, Disco ball and less like a Diamond.


      • Benzgem is Set in Jewelry settings with Genuine, Mined Diamonds.
      • We have 990 different Styles of Rings and Pendants alone, multiply that by 9 different Gemstone shapes and 21 separate Precious Metals, the total is well over 187,000 Custom Jewelry Pieces.
      • Benzgem bespoke jewelry features a Genuine Mined diamond Semi-Mount set with G-H Color, VS Clarity, Precision Cut Diamonds or Hearts & Arrows F+ Color, VS Clarity Diamonds.
      • Essentially when You choose a Benzgem Alternative Solitaire, You are making a choice to have the Most physically Believable and Realistic alternative to Diamond available anywhere. 


Happy Shopping,

Guy Michael Smith  - Creator of Benzgem by GuyDesign®