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Bridal ⯌ Pear Shape Styles


Pear Shape Brilliant Cut

  •   1.07 Carat, Pear - 08 X 06 mm.
  •   1.20 Carat, Pear - 09 X 06 mm.
  •   1.82 Carat, Pear - 10 X 07 mm.
  •   2.85 Carat, Pear - 12 X 08 mm.
  •   5.57 Carat, Pear - 15 X 10 mm.
  • 68.00 Carat, Pear - 35 X 23 mm.

Notable Diamond, Formerly the Cartier Diamond 69.42 Carats.

Currently Known as the Taylor-Burton. The Current owner had the Diamond re-cut as there was wear in the form of chips and abrasions on the Diamond surface. An entire Carat and 33 Points were lost in the process of removing wear and scratching. The diamond it is now smaller at 68.09 Carats.



Stunningly Beautiful Benzgem Alternative to Diamond. This Photo was taken in the palm of my hand in the Eastern Morning Light.

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