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⯌⯌ Benzgem Stone Guarantee for a Lifetime

  • We are so confident about our Lab-Created, Lab-Grown Gems and our Lab Created Simulated Diamonds that they are covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.
  • The Benzgem warranty covers changes to the optical properties (color, clarity, fire and brilliance) of the Benzgem.
  • You should Handle and Care for your Benzgem Jewelry as you would any High Jewelry.
  • The Benzgem warranty does not cover damage as the result of abuse or misuse, or Lack of Care.
  • The Benzgem Gem warranty does not cover theft or loss of the stone.
  • All jewelry is inspected during production and before final shipping.
  • In the Unlikely Event you should use this Warranty, We will replace the gem with the closest color and cut Benzgem available. Fees for stone setting and goldsmithing will apply, as well as any shipping fees for purchases over 1 year.
  • Original receipt must be presented for guarantee to apply.
  • Work performed on Benzgem jewelry and products by anyone other than Benzgem will void any and all warranties, expressed or implied.